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RankCountAccepted postsWeight of vote
2Beginning reviewer31200.4
3Advanced reviewer22400.45
4Professional reviewer33600.5
5Judge lvl 104800.55
6Judge lvl 206000.6
7Judge lvl 327200.65
8Judge of the highest level08400.7
10Chief Expert111800.9
12Hero of Labor215001.5


RankCountNeed votesVote weight
1Beginner voter5210000.35
2Advanced voter3025000.4
3Expert voter950000.45
4Main voter20100000.6
5Hero voter6250000.8

VIP status

With VIP status, vote weight increases by an additional 0.2

Weight of vote

The higher weight of vote, the more your vote affects the average score. If you do not use the whole scale from 4 to 10 in your votes or percentage of low marks above a certain level, you may be awarded the rank with a reduced weight of vote.